5 Bold Predictions For The Forecastle Festival Lineup


Forecastle Festival will be announcing their lineup tomorrow, and the buzz has been growing by the day. With several clues being sent out, some artists seem likely but nothing will be definitive until noon Tuesday. Rumored acts include Dave Matthews Band, Portugal. The Man and Gaslight Anthem based on public consensus of clues but alternative guesses include everything from Arcade Fire to Weezer. We at Live From The Internet have never been much on puzzles, so we’d like to take some time to stray from educated guesses and take blind shots at figuring out the lineup just based on things we think make sense.

1) There will be a major EDM headliner

EDMcrowd2014 was lacking in the major EDM department, and founder JK McKnight has said before that it’s a growing industry that he’s interested in becoming involved with. The last huge artist in the genre to come through the festival was Bassnectar in 2012 headlining on a Friday. The only question would be who to get. EDM always inspires a party but if you want it to last through the set and be a satisfying headliner, you’re going to want the right person. A Bassnectar return doesn’t seem out of the question as he has released a new album. Other interesting acts to consider: Skrillex (who performed in Louisville last year), Pretty Lights, Deadmau5 (billed highly at companion AC Entertainment festival Bonnaroo.)

2) The return of Run The Jewels


Killer Mike and EL-P weren’t billed as Run The Jewels for their 2013 appearance despite high praise for their debut album as a group. If they return, there’s no doubt they’ll arrive as the duo and be billed fairly high. I would imagine a mid-day show at the stage beside Joe’s Crab Shack (the second largest.) Their 2013 show has inspired a lot of praise for the two from hearsay, and Run The Jewels 2 is near the top of every year end list. Run The Jewels is also booked for Bonnaroo through AC Entertainment, so it’s possible that we could be looking at a 2 for 1 booking with Forecastle Festival. If they are there, they could be the biggest rap performance of the weekend. Fingers crossed.

3) Death From Above 1979


Nothing is really pointing in this direction, but it just feels right. Death From Above 1979 is a great blood pumping rock band that Forecastle Festival could book for the main stage pre-headliner. This is also one to appeal in the reunion category that hasn’t been filled by any rumors as of yet. DFA1979 hasn’t played any shows near by since returning last year and there is a big gap after March in their tour. Reaching? Maybe. But it would be awesome.

 4) The under card will be excellent

Each night was headlined by a home run last year with Outkast, Jack White, and Beck. There were even huge pre-headliners like The Replacements and Band of Horses. There is some talk in the comments on Forecastle’s Facebook page about the strong indications that Dave Matthews Band will be headlining on Sunday night. This is receiving some praise and animosity. For those who are worried: forget about it. Even if the top tier isn’t as excellent as last year (honestly, that will be hard to match), the under card could be loaded. This isn’t a diss on previous Forecastle under cards, but as the festival continues to grow each year, it only seems likely that the supporting acts will only get stronger along with the headliner draws.

5)  Expect a surprising collaborative show

In 2013, there was The Forecastle Incident, a show billed with guests to perform with one another. It was somewhat like Bonnaroo’s SuperJam concept. We think there could be reason to expect something like that again, and there’s no better person to lead it than Jim James. My Morning Jacket is going to release a new album in 2015, but have headlined as recently as 2012 plus numerous other appearances. Jim James played solo in 2013. The gut feeling is that MMJ won’t be back as a group, but what would be interesting is if they get Jim James to put together a new collaborative show like his stellar Bonnaroo SuperJam in 2013. It’s a way to keep things innovative and exciting while giving Louisville its prodigal son.


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