My Morning Jacket Likely To Headline Forecastle Festival

mmjWith less than a day to go, the Mayor let the cat out of the bag. (Or the Jacket out of the closet.)

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer posted this interesting tweet Monday morning:

mayortweetIt seems to be a dead giveaway. “One Big Holiday” is a classic My Morning Jacket song, and the timing, coming the day before the lineup, seems just right. If you want to get nit-picky, Forecastle Festival’s Twitter page even favorited the Mayor’s tweet. But let’s not put too much stock into sub-tweet culture intuition.

My Morning Jacket is planning to release a new album in 2015, and are Louisville favorites coming from the area. They headlined in 2012, and Jim James played a solo show in 2013, so it’s hard to doubt the notion that they could be back. It doesn’t exactly fit in line with our bold predictions, but we will have to wait and see for the final verdict.

Check back tomorrow for coverage on Forecastle Festival’s official lineup announcement.


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