EP Review: Wick-It The Instigator – No Ragrets

no ragretsWick-It The Instigator will be performing at Cosmic Charlie’s on 1/29. “No Ragrets” was released December, 2, 2014 and can be bought now on iTunes and other major platforms.

Wick-It The Instigator is an multi-instrument electronic producer from Kentucky, coming with yet another EP. This six-track mammoth is called No Ragrets, and it is good.

Bold first statement, but it is true. No Ragrets does what few electronic releases are able to do: keep you guessing. And saying that this EP wasn’t predictable is one of the greatest compliments I can give to an electronic release. So many producers release head-bobbing bangers that are catchy, but only for so long. Wick-It has the unique ability to maintain your interest throughout the entirety of songs.

For example, Intro isn’t even electronic at all. It is a beatbox done straight from the mouth with presumably Wick-It himself rapping and introducing himself. It’s tongue-in-cheek and fun, but also knows its limits. It doesn’t go on too long and it serves the purpose of painting the picture of the mind this EP will be coming from.

He Gets Wick-It starts slow with moody vibrating synths and a vocal sample of the song’s title as the hook. It builds along with climbing scales and upward inspiring sounds and after the two minute mark, I began to wonder if it was going to capitalize on this building anticipation. Then finally, it cuts to a sample from Wick-It’s live show with him speaking to the crowd. Suddenly, it explodes out of that sample into a guitar solo which I wasn’t expecting at all. From this point on, the track keeps things fresh and finally feels satisfying.

I thought that Wick-It may have doomed himself with Big Ole Cool Song, because after about a minute and a half, the title was starting to imply how generic the song really was. It was the typical stomping rager that you expect with EDM, but finally it slows itself down for a moment to launch itself into an onslaught of glitchy buzzes and scales. By the time it’s all said and done, it became the stomping rager you actually want to rage to. Not only did it live up to its own hype, it even does a complete 180 in the final minutes with a wah-wah pedal guitar chords and blues guitar melodies strung together by flushing organs. This song had it all.

Exclusive is my favorite song on the EP. The eerie keyboard scale instantly implied something big was coming eventually. With plenty of snares, the song climbs up and up, and it arrives at a climax with gripping horns. This was not the direction I saw it going, but I loved it. This was better. The snares fall back into course with the horns and “Exclusive!” screams. Then the song rewards the listener with a most violent, glitchy mess. The eerie keyboards are back, the snares are on rapid fire. Zipping electronics are whipping all through the track. If you try to visualize it, it’s like a tornado. It’s just madness, but all contained. It’s really impressive.

This Is MY House feels soft and slow, the way that Big Ole Cool Song ended. This one builds into a club-like drum percussion that has you moving when you’re supposed to sit still. It never feels as slow as it really it is. It’s impressive how Wick-It incorporates different bells and whistles so easily with electronic instrumentation.

Finally, there’s All In Together Now, which is an endearing song and I almost never say that about an electronic project. It has very personal feeling piano playing with lead guitar following suit. If you spend the night raging to the rest of this EP with your friends, this is the song you wrangle everyone back together to get home safely to. The song grows with lovely horns and organs. It’s just a beautiful sound that never needs to come with drops or pay-offs, just emotion.

Wick-It has done a great job here. Sometimes I’m baffled that more people don’t know about Wick-It The Instigator. He is so talented and interesting. There are so many other electronic producers who are just repetitive, while Wick-It is any thing but that. With several sounds and feels, No Ragrets feels like a completely well-rounded EP that rewards its listener throughout.


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