Live Review: George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ Mercury Ballroom, Louisville KY (5/7)


Plenty of shows I’ve been to in the past have garnered different titles.

“It had the Most Insane Crowd.” “He put the most into it, probably the Best Performer I’ve seen.” “They were the Most Memorable.”

Without further ado, the award for “Happiest to Perform Their Asses Off” goes to George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic.

What a blast. Funk shows are the best with their extended jam sessions, but not like your average jam band sessions. Parliament Funkadelic kept you dancing the whole time. There was nothing but fun energy in the room from beginning to end.

The band just has a way of keeping you in the palm of your hand. Mercury Ballroom was filled with a majority older crowd, but you would assume they were reliving the days when they got down on it night in and night out. I’ve never seen so many old people take so many shots, wear masquerade masks, and generally party their assess off.

George Clinton just had a way of inspiring that kind of good atmosphere. The 73-year-old P Funk architect may have had a chair to sit down (only to let one of the 20 or so others on stage to take center) but he commanded the room as soon as he chose to. No doubt he’s one of the best front men ever, and he hasn’t lost a step yet.

The best thing you can say about the show is just how generally happy and fun it was. Just watch this video of some random fans on stage dancing.

You can’t beat that. They came out doing a synchronized dance, swinging their legs above their hands to clap. It was kind of amazing to see how comfortable people were, and I think Parliament Funkadelic really brought that out of everyone all night long.

Overall, it was such a great show. Never worry about the band’s age; they bring it (guitar solos, slapping bass, 20 minute epics). It’s all there. And the crowds are hilariously wild and fun. You’ll have a great time.


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