Live Review: Blind Corn Liqour Pickers @ Moonshiner’s Ball, Berea KY (5/16)

IMG_4315You gotta give it up for these guys. The Blind Corn Liqour Pickers were the real hosts of The Moonshiner’s Ball, and they put on an incredible festival. It was just the right size and was set up beautifully. You can expect this festival to continue to grow into another premier Kentucky festival. Thankfully, the band’s set was just as good as the festival they set up.

The band is primarily Bluegrass, but it is a little cheap to only label them as such. They infused several sounds and genres throughout their set, adding electric guitars, hand drums and more to create an all new sound of their own.

Starting the show with a fun cover of “Sunshine of Your Love” was a great choice, and it was the kind of decision the Picker’s made throughout. They knew how to get the audience riled up and involved to segway into their original material in order to keep energy high. Perhaps no moment of the night was better in this regard then their cover of R. Kelly’s (yes, R. KELLY) “Ignition (Remix).” Nothing was more hyped than the lead singer demanding the crowd to bounce.

What a fun time. They really embodied what the festival seemed to be all about. A hometown band, they naturally knew many in attendance. Throughout the night, they invited several players on stage to perform along with them. It was really fun to see all the cameos. The band varied from having five to 11 or 12 on stage at points.

The lead singer, Beth Walker, set the band apart from others in the genre all night long with her fiery vocals. She set the stage ablaze with her intensity and drew the best out of the crowd throughout the night. Without her attitude, the band just may not be the same.

What can you say about Blind Corn Liqour Pickers? They’re a fun mountain band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously and always seems to be having a good time. That’s about all you can ask for at a concert.


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