Listening Party: Tame Impala’s Latest Singles “Cause I’m A Man”, “Eventually”, and “Let It Happen”

Editor’s Note: Tame Impala will be performing at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Bunbury Music Festival Friday, June 5. Single day tickets are still available here. Check Live From The Internet for festival coverage and videos.

After undeniably blowing up following their sophomore album Lonerism, Tame Impala took a brief hiatus. The band had worked hard touring internationally and promoting the album – it was surely coming. Following the drought, the Australian psych rockers have returned with a trio of singles advancing them along a career arc that continues to be fascinating.

Tame Impala announced their third album Currents accompanied by a spacey epic “Let It Happen”. The release is reminiscent of the band’s unveil of Lonerism‘s “Apocalypse Dreams” – both songs take you on a journey of different emotions and evolving sounds. “Let It Happen” opens the band’s latest album and works by showing that fans can expect something familiar but done in a way that isn’t stale. The song promises another introspective trip through psychedelic noise and effects that any fan is going to be ready to embark on.

“Cause I’m A Man” takes a new approach as a true lead single for the band. “Solitude is Bliss” and “Elephant” were both as accessible as Tame Impala can manage – each having qualities that either drove the audience to rage or dance. This single would rather see the crowd swoon. Kevin Parker is focused on his gender role in relationships and the song is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the often discussed dynamics. It’s a slower song that you may not be sure of at first, if looking for that hook you’re familiar with, but it will surely grab you.

The latest single “Eventually” is the best of the new crop. Set off by explosive chords into verses led by humming organs, the song shifts between psych rock anthem and trippy disco with such ease. It doesn’t feel too far off of the band’s previous work, but there are enough subtle changes that make all the difference. “Eventually” has me most excited for this new album.

Overall, the singles have been great so far. Currents is shaping up to be another solid effort from Tame Impala, and if the singles are any indication, it will provide great new material for an already stellar show.

Tame Impala will be performing at Bunbury Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio Friday.

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