Live Review: Tame Impala @ Bunbury Festival, Cincinnati OH (6/5)

089When it rains, it pours. And Mother Nature was determined to pour down on Tame Impala Friday. The show may have been rained out 30 minutes in, but the Australian psych-rock band brought their own force of nature through the tornado warning.

The show began with “Let It Happen”, the lead single off of their upcoming Currents. The crowd was pretty stagnant at the beginning. It seemed to be a combination of the song’s drawn out, calming sound and possibly the crowd’s unfamiliarity with the latest singles. As the song progressed through its several phases, the crowd slowly engaged as the guitars riffed through the scaling jam.

The band was surely aware leading with that song may leave some cold, so they continued on with “Mind Mischief” which heated everyone up immediately. Everyone jumped around through the infamous guitar riff, and finally the crowd had truly arrived.

It was right around this time when the rain arrived as well. It started out as a drizzle, but quickly became a torrential downpour. Whispers of a tornado watch moved through the crowd and lots of people left the show to take precaution. It seemed inevitable the show was going to end early.

This was a prime example of a blessing in disguise. The crowd who stayed were Tame Impala diehards, happily taking off shirts and waving them around through the intense weather. It was a perfect atmosphere for the band, who seemed surprised at the crowd’s dedication. They rewarded everyone there with a killer performance of “Elephant”. There’s no other song I would rather rage through a disastrous weather to. The next song was “Why Won’t They Talk To Me?”, which was equally inspired by the conditions. Everyone sang along in unison and moved in all directions for the spacey rock ballad.

Eventually the rain was becoming too much. The weather was clearly affecting the stage as the banner behind the band was taken down and instruments were being covered to avoid electrical complications. The band playfully asked the audience to hold on for a moment as they figured out what songs they could still play, but in reality it was no joke. Tame Impala finished out their set with “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”, a great slow jam to sing along to with everyone in attendance.

Unfortunately, the show had to end early here. There were some groans, no doubt. But I’m certain everyone there saw something really special. This was the third time I saw the band, and despite being much shorter than the other sets, it was the best five song run from any one of the shows. Tame Impala in tornado conditions proved short but inspired. I was left wanting more, but not unsatisfied. Mother Nature had something else in mind Friday, and in the end I think it was for the best.

For the full gallery of photos, visit Live From The Internet’s Facebook page.


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