Live Review: Bread of Stone @ Creation Ichthus Festival, Lexington KY (7/8)


Sometimes you walk into a show from a band you’re not familiar with. Tonight, I didn’t know the name of this band until about an hour after their set ended.

Turns out the band was Bread of Stone. They’re a Christian rock band, as are many artists performing at this festival. And if I’m honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of Christian music. It has nothing to do with religious beliefs, only musical preference. I’m used to a more wild environment during shows, and I let myself embrace the stereotypes of this genre. Thankfully, Bread of Stone really surprised me.

As I stepped up to the stage, the band was a song or two in so the crowd was warmed up enough. There were a few hundred people gathered to watch I’d say, which I figure is decent considering this is the first festival day on a Wednesday. Anyway, soon enough I realized the Christian qualities were only tied heavily into the lyrics. The energy of the music and stage presence was great, and I learned to enjoy myself right away.

Bread of Stone really won me over with some creativity. They decided to play the Super Mario Bros. theme song, which would have been cool, I suppose. But they didn’t stop there – a green screen came out on stage and brought their performance to life inside the video game’s world. You’ll have to check this out in the video attached at the bottom because it was great. The band looked distorted on screen as their instruments chopped through blocks and re-imagined the classic 8-bit theme. Everyone in attendance seemed pretty impressed by this, myself included.

The band’s music is a pretty light, pop sound and even if you aren’t into that, some of their hooks were hard to deny. Songs like “All In” were pretty tough to ignore as the familiar crowd sang along. I’m not sure I’d listen from home alone, but in the moment at the concert, it was a good time that anyone could dance to.

Everything about the band’s stage presence made them worth watching. Their frontman had a lot of charisma that the audience connected with, and the show theatrics kept them engaged. Smoke was fired from the ground as choruses took off, light shows ensued during drum solos. There was a surprising amount of production here and it was probably my favorite part of the set.

The crowd did let me down a little at one point. With a few songs left, the band announced they would be giving away free copies of their new album to the first 200 people to meet them at the merch desk. That’s cool and all, but people stampeded away from the stage. I don’t hold this against the band or show at all, but doesn’t it seem strange? If you like a band so much, wouldn’t you want to listen to them while they’re still right in front of you? I could be crazy.

Overall, the show was a lot of fun. Bread of Stone truly surprised me with their sound and originality. Even if you aren’t a fan of Christian music, you might find something to like with this band anyway. If you get a chance to see them, it’s worth it to see this Super Mario bit if they keep doing it. Either way, it’ll still be a good time.

Check out photos from the show here.


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