Noah Smith releasing live album recorded at Newport’s Southgate House Revival


Noah Smith has announced a live album recorded at Newport’s Southgate House Revival.

The album will be available as a free download on Noah Smith’s official website. Live from The Southgate House Revival will be released July 14.

Smith called the venue another home of his.

“I looked a long one for a place to call home in this area,” Smith said. “About two years ago I started poking my head around the Southgate House Revival. A sold out show, EP Release, Music video shoot, and a live recording later I just like to call that place home. Fortunately my fans love the rooms there just as much as I do. If you want to experience a venue that is truly their for the music then The Southgate House Revival is it. I love it there and so do my fans.”

The Brown County, Ohio native says the “faintest attempt” at genre explanation for his music is American Rock n roll.

“What my band and I do has been compared to Springsteen, Drive By Truckers and even Lee Brice. As a songwriter I just call what I do music,” Smith said. “I sing about my faith, my woman, my whiskey and my friends. What ever happens after that is up to my fans. It’s their decision if the songs are worth anything or not. I’ll just keep getting sweaty on stage, giving it my all and hoping for the best.”

The show recorded for the album was complicated by severe weather. But Smith said it turned out like any artist’s first live album should.

“The night we recorded this live album started out bitter but ended up sweet,” Smith said. “We got a complete downpour followed by some colder conditions. I really was scared that no one was going to show up and sing along with me. However, the people that were supposed to be there came right on time and we shared an incredible experience together.”

Smith’s self-titled EP was released April 25, 2014.

Watch a video of the live album’s performance of “We Ain’t Got Much Money” below.

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