Live Review: Cage The Elephant @ Forecastle Festival, Louisville KY (7/17)


Bowling Green was represented in a massive way Friday at Forecastle Festival this weekend. Cage The Elephant took the Mast Stage at 7:30 Friday, and it was a truly wild set.

Prior to the festival, Cage The Elephant sent this tweet out:

I’m not sure anyone could have predicted how ready to fucking party Cage The Elephant truly was.

Heading into this show I was pretty excited. There were plenty of reasons to be after all. The band has really hit its stride, showing real staying power with their third album Melophobia. The band is from Kentucky, and most importantly, their live show has a great reputation.

But from the moment they walked out on stage, they blew all of that away. Guitarists Brad Shultz and Matthan Minster greeted the crowd and dually shredded “My Old Kentucky Home.” Right away, you knew that Cage The Elephant would be bringing special energy and ideas to this show.

That electric stage presence was taken to new heights by lead singer Matthew Shultz. Matthew performed as if his his heart was beating like a kick drum, pumping through song after song without any regard for his own life. He ran out into the crowd during almost every song. Fans turned through the crowd for the chance to get close to him, but no one missed an opportunity. He did this so many times that anyone relatively close to the stage must have been within arm reach of the front man at some point.

Matthew just understood what it takes to keep a crowd involved. Stage diving went from being a novelty to expected as he performed several songs while backstroking through the crowd. He is without a doubt one of the most electrifying front men I’ve ever seen in rock music.

In fact, it was one of the two most wild crowds I’ve ever been in. The music was fantastic, but this was a show all about the energy. And there was certainly no lack of it. As I took pictures, I was gripping on to my camera for dear life. My feet were off the ground from the pushing of the crowd and I basically had no control of where I was heading. But I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Check out photos from the intense set here, and a video below.

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