Live Review: Modest Mouse @ Forecastle Festival, Louisville KY (7/19)


What can I say about Modest Mouse? I came into the show knowing next to nothing, and they nearly stole the whole weekend for me by the end.

Modest Mouse was a combination of plenty of things that I enjoy. They’re an alternative rock group with an edge, using a lot of dark humor in banter (“It’s good like cancer. Someone was saying something about how cancer was good the other day.”) They reminded me a little bit of Queens of the Stone Age in that way.

Their songs weren’t necessarily as fark as QotSA but they were definitely as dancey. I’m always a huge fan of straight up rock groups that get crowds to dance like Modest Mouse did. I mean they were up there shredding away, doing their thing without apologizing, and on paper it seems like it would be far from what you expect to dance to. But it was contagious. There was no getting around it and I think everyone was enjoying getting down together.

Part of the reason may have been the anticipation to see the band. They did spend several years on hiatus after all. Luckily, I never took the time to get into them during that period. Otherwise, I would have been itching to see this show as well. And it’s interesting to think about that, because after so many years, I wonder how hardcore fans felt. To me, it was an excellent show (maybe the best all weekend.) But I was going in blind – if you had high expectations, I still think they were probably met.

So I’ll just get to the point – I danced my ass off at Modest Mouse in the blistering heat, and was happy to. I only knew one song going in, and only hoped to discover something new I could enjoy. Modest Mouse was that and more. If you’re a fan, make it a priority to catch the band this summer while you can.

Check out photos from their set here, and the video below.


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