Live Review: Dr. Dundiff & Friends @ Forecastle Festival, Louisville KY (7/18)


Saturday of Forecastle was bound to be special. My Morning Jacket was headlining that night in front of a hometown crowd of the masses. But what the unfamiliar wouldn’t expect is the amazing hometown show that was put on right in the middle of the afternoon at the Ocean Stage.

Dr. Dundiff is a Louisville rapper soon to make a leap across the nation to Los Angeles where he hopes to break out. He campaigned to get himself a time slot at Forecastle, and the payoff was more than anyone could have imagined.

Just about any Louisville rapper had a turn spitting their rhymes over the big band instrumentals throughout the set. Dr. Dundiff has to be a popular guy because he has no shortage of friends. There was a new performer on stage ready to lay it all out for Louisville’s local supporters for each song, and it made for great entertainment.

You really never had a chance to get bored. Whether a new rapper was running across the amplifiers in front of the stage, the band was soloing or a sudden rendition of “I Like To Do Hood Rat Things With My Friends” was breaking out, this show was hard to ignore.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the grand finale: a reunion of every performer throughout the show along with Louisville’s own Jim James. The My Morning Jacket front man ripped through the chorus of his own “A.E.I.O.U.” while all of the other rappers added their own verses to the mix.

Dr. Dundiff’s show was great, but not only for the cameos. It successfully overcame the stigma that can make rap shows boring. Some performers stand idly by waving hands around in front of a single DJ, and their show becomes stale. With a full band, crew of friends and all-star talent, Dundiff would have a hard time finding a way to make a show like this one boring.

It was an excellent farewell to Louisville, and best of luck to Dr. Dundiff in the future. Come back to Forecastle even bigger and do it all over again.

Check out photos from the set here, and the video below.


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