Live Review: Death From Above 1979 @ Mercury Ballroom, Louisville KY (7/24)


As Death From Above 1979 took the stage Friday night, I admit, I barely knew what to expect.

I’ve heard their new album The Physical World a handful of times, and there are a few songs that always stood out to me. I’ll call myself a moderate fan interested in what they’re really all about. Their latest album was one of my earliest reviews for the site, and their hot-blooded no-fucks-given attitude is only escalated to new heights in person.

And at times, honestly, it may have been a little too much. The band was pretty fun. The duo left it all on the stage with their mind numbing speed through each song. It only became problematic with the crowd (if you want to call it a real problem.)

There have been shows with mosh pits I’ve been to before, but none quite like this. And that should actually be considered a compliment for the band. If you’re into mosh pits and brutal shoving, getting thrown to the floor, by all means, this is your show. But we were happy watching from the edge of the circle like we just showed up to they playground for a fight.

DFA1979’s show was a lot like a World Star Hip Hop video turned World Star Rip Your Teeth Out and Fuck Shit Up. It was a heart-pounding, take no prisoners show. And even if I wasn’t quite ready for that level of energy, I had to respect it.

While the energy was at an all-time high, the songs did start to lull from time to time. The band at their peak is exciting and a ton of fun, but if the source material isn’t their best, then they don’t much to bridge the gap.

It was a decent show for me, but I know for certain tons of others there had the time of their lives. I think this is one of those times where I may have been a little out of place, but for the most part, I was happy to be there.

Check out photos from the set here, and the video below.


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