Live Review: Plastic Bubble @ Bicentennial Park, New Albany IN (7/24)


Plastic Bubble is one of the coolest, strangest local bands in Louisville. I was heading to the city for a show later that night, and when I saw Plastic Bubble had a free show on their Facebook page, I couldn’t pass up getting to town a little early for it.

I reviewed their latest album before Poorcastle, which is actually how I found the band. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to Poorcastle because of bad weather, but a quick detour to Indiana made up for it. The band was really cool and embodied all the quirkiness their album leads you to expect.

They ran through several songs from their latest album, including a medley that mashes them all together for a great final leg of their show. A medley fits perfectly because many songs are so short, but for the better. Listening to Plastic Bubble is interesting because they take you to so many places so quickly with their music. I was happy to see that their live show was a similar experience.

The show was free as part of a summer concert series presented by WFPK Radio at Bicentennial Park. Of course, a free show downtown is going to attract a wide range of musical taste. I’m not sure everyone in attendance was on board with Plastic Bubble’s adventurous sound, but everyone was at least content. The only negative was that the crowd just didn’t seem ready for what the band had to offer. I hope I get the chance to attend a typical show for the band where people are happier to dance and welcome the band with open arms.

If nothing else, the show was a great tease for me. There was a good performance but it’s only left me more excited about what Plastic Bubble can do in the future. I briefly got to see a band I’d love to support going forward, and you should too.

Check out photos from the set here, and the video below.


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