Live From The Internet is heading to New York City


Live From The Internet is heading to New York City Sunday, July 26!

I’ll be returning the next Sunday night, Aug. 2. It should be a fun trip and I’m excited about it. I’ll post things from time to time on the Facebook and Twitter pages that may seem relevant to the music fans following out there.

Although, the site will likely be very slow in posting things, if much at all during this week. I’ll be keeping an eye on Twitter but there’s a good chance that new content will be hard to come by on the site. Don’t worry – it’s a short hiatus during vacation!

In the meantime, check out lots of awesome stuff in Live Reviews and Photos from Forecastle Festival. That was a great time and there’s no shortage of evidence.

Anyway, please bear with me during this brief intermission. Be sure to keep up with the Twitter and Facebook pages, and the site will be right back up to speed when I return. July was already the site’s best month ever and I’m excited to keep that momentum up going forward.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

– Jonathan


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