Louisville’s Outskirts Festival unveils lineup


Louisville’s Outskirts Festival revealed its lady-centric lineup for the 2015 Festival Monday.

The festival, which aims to spotlight female-led or female-driven artists, is scheduled to take place Oct. 9-11. The festival will be a multi-venue event at Louisville’s own New Vintage Showcase and Art Sanctuary.

Check out the lineup below.

• BABE RAGE (Cincinnati)
• Big Momma Thorazine (Louisville)
• Blackbirds of Paradise (Louisville)
• Blind Tigers (Louisville)
• Brazilian Wax (Pittsburgh, PA)
• Dead Halos (Louisville)
• Downtown Boys (Providence, RI)
• Freakwater (Louisville/Chicago)
• Frederick the Younger (Louisville)
• killii killii (Louisville)
• Psalm One (Chicago)
• Softcheque (Louisville)
• Sorry Mom (Louisville)
• Kate Wakefield (Cincinnati)
• ROCKSHOPS Showcase

A second round of artists is set to be announced later this summer according to WFPL.

For more information, visit the Outskirts Festival website here.


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