Live Review: J. Roddy Walston and the Business @ MoonTower Music Festival, Lexington KY (8/29)


I originally saw J. Roddy Walston and the Business on the MoonTower Music Festival lineup and did not think twice about it. J. Roddy could have been any kind of genre of music – I had no clue, and frankly wasn’t itching to find out beforehand. I thought it would be one of those mysteries I could be pleasantly surprised by.

The cat was let out of the bag ironically during my trip to Louisville’s Forecastle Festival in July. I was riding along with a friend on our way to the Waterfront when a savvy, blues-funk song caught my attention on his playlist. He tells me it’s J. Roddy, and that he hears the guy is amazing live. So that was promising.

Upfront – that’s absolutely true. I was impressed with the song, and blown away by their MoonTower performance. This is a band that worked the crowd into such a fun loving, easy going atmosphere that was completely undeniable. In fact, the whole festival felt that way, so it’s hard to attribute the credit. I just like to think that J. Roddy and the band shared all the traits that suited this one day getaway at the moontower in Lexington.

The crowd showed nothing short of overwhelming approval for the band. Their jams and breakdowns were accompanied by nonstop dancing, and outright dancing at that! Not something you see as often as you would think at festivals. People were turning in all directions, moving to the music with their friends and partners. It was really impressive, but even more infectious.

What can I say? J. Roddy Walston and the Business simply lived up to the hype. They’re a straight forward rock band that changes direction on a whim without ever missing a beat. The crowd is always happy to follow along, and after my formal introduction to the band, I look forward to following them along for what surely will be an ascending successful career.

Check out photos from their set here. LFI Video coming soon.


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