Live Review: Here Come The Mummies @ Breeders’ Cup Festival Week, Lexington KY (10/25)


Downtown Lexington celebrated an annual Halloween tradition Sunday night. Hundreds of volunteer actors dressed as zombies and laid collapsed along Main Street in full costume and make up. They were waiting for their Michael Jackson to arrive, a different actor on each block, to reenact the famous “Thriller” music video as actors rose up in sync.

This year, the Breeders’ Cup in Lexington inspired even more activity. Breeders’ Cup Festival Week kicked off following the “Thriller” reenactment with a show only Michael Jackson could raise from the dead: Here Come The Mummies.

I’ve managed to miss the Mummies more times than I can count. As a freshman at UK, I first noticed the band performing at local venue Cosmic Charlie’s. They have returned to Kentucky at some point at least once each year since. Ever since my first glance at them, I knew they had a show I wanted to check out. You can call it a gimmick, but I was all in on it. Does a gimmick really hurt anyone if you still have fun? No.

But things got in the way, plans slid by, and I never did meet the undead face to face. Just during the last week, I was lucky enough to notice that the band would be performing a show in my own downtown Lexington the upcoming Sunday. As part two of a Lexington Halloween double-header, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to check the band out.

It didn’t take long after arriving to realize that the times missed in the past were meant to lead us to seeing Here Come The Mummies on this night. Hundred stood outside the Courthouse Plaza dancing in front of the Kentucky Ale Stage. Many were in costume, more were probably intoxicated. That seems to be the perfect combination for this show.

It really was great seeing the band around Halloween. People were immediately into the costumed band because they were costumed themselves, and the band is just undeniably fun. They sing funny songs with wild vocal tendencies, but the songs push past more than fun and gimmicks. This band is seriously talented. There is a rumor that the Nashville band is actually comprised of famous, Grammy award-winning funk artists under wraps. I’d believe it.

They would trade off colorful solos from multiple instruments throughout the show. The energy was always at the highest, never falling below par. The Mummies inspired the crowd to let out their freaky side for Halloween, as some were booty shakin’ as confidently as ever in costume. It was truly a sight you had to see in person.

So what if it’s a gimmick? Here Come The Mummies are a fantastic band that just happens to do something really fun with their show as well. It would be different if they weren’t electrifying the crowd from beginning to end. But Here Come The Mummies are clearly a band comprised of performers that were extremely experienced in their past life. Now they’re spending the afterlife inspiring those still around to live like they might die tomorrow.

For more photos from this show, check out the LFI Gallery here.


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