Live Review: Miguel @ Memorial Coliseum, Lexington KY (11/9)

IMG_0290Miguel is a lot like Austin Powers.

Women want him, men want to be him. A lot of guys see a dude like Miguel and probably get frustrated because girls lose their mind for him. Is that jealousy? On some level, probably. But all those dudes will tell you they wouldn’t care to be him, for some made up reason. Personally, I’m not going to hate on Miguel for that. I’ve never been mad at Beyonce or Shakira for showing off how beautiful they are, so Miguel can do his thing too. Miguel may get all the girls, but during his concert at the University of Kentucky, I discovered a few more reasons why I would like to be the R&B hurricane.

For one, he is one of the most energetic performers I’ve seen. Miguel is a blur, flying from stage left to right throughout his show suited in a white leather jacket, gripping a stylized mic stand fit for Prince. Beautiful colorways are projected onto the backdrop and reflected off of the all-white wearing performers to create an amazing setting for his style of sex music.

His music is groovy and varied. The pace changed through the show without being jarring and stayed interesting at each transition. Miguel’s music is interesting, and inspired when translated on stage. Still I couldn’t help but imagine what Miguel could be like if let loose. He seems to have the style of someone like Outkast but feels restrained by this womanizer persona his show has to hold up. I’d like to see Miguel allowed to cross over into a weirder, funkier groove in the style of D’Angelo.

Right now, Miguel is working as Prince Lite, the free app version of the legendary performer. Miguel has something deeper in him that he could let loose, and hopefully one day we’ll see that side too. Is it wrong to hope for a Miguel scandal? Just one bad scandal that puts Miguel out of the spotlight for a few years, makes him rethink some things. Couldn’t you see a random surprise Miguel comeback release that transforms his style and sends him to new heights? I could be hopeful.

Still, the Miguel we’re getting right now is nothing to scoff at. He is a fantastic performer making above average R&B who seems to at least be pushing back on regular genre conventions a little bit. He may not be all the way there yet, but based on his performance Tuesday night, I can only imagine how fantastic he can be if he can keep on pushing.

For now, just enjoy the ride and see this Miguel while you can.

Check out more photos from the Miguel show here. LFI video coming soon.


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