Live Review: Johnny Conqueroo @ Cosmic Charlies, Lexington KY (3/25)


Johnny Conqueroo is many things. It is a blues rock trio from Lexington. Its members are barely out of high school. But most importantly, as one follower points out, they’ve got too much damn sauce.

Right there with ya, Matt. SAUCE. Too much of it.

Over the last year or so, I’ve heard so much about this band. An old coworker of mine told me that the kids at his daughter’s lunch table are really catching steam around town. So, yeah, I was skeptical. But the dude has great taste in music, so eventually this peaked my interest. Shoutout to Jason.

As the months went on, I started to notice Johnny Conqueroo as a staple around local shows. In Lexington, their following grew with each club appearance. Then, they hit up the low-key great Moonshiners Ball festival in Berea, KY. Round pizzas are great – maybe this lunch table is on to something.

After last night, I can confirm that Johnny Conqueroo is the round pizza of Lexington’s local scene. They play so well as a group, led by guitarist Grant Curless. It’s amazing to watch that guy because he has such natural ability as a frontman. He rips through the set with eyes rolling around, long hair in his face, grooving along to their dizzying tunes.

You have to give it up to Wils Quinn on drums and Shawn Reynolds on bass as well. Curless may shoot off the fireworks, but they’re like the technicians that make it possible. The backbone is crystal clear in every song as the band jams along. Their playing sets the stage for Curless’ spotlight guitar licks, and it wouldn’t live up to the same heights without it.

I could go on and on, but ol’ Hans put summed it up in a word: sauce. Johnny Conqueroo’s got it. Buy their album on BandCamp – it’s sick. Check them out ASAP as possible.



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