Welcome to Live From The Internet. Here, you can learn all about the live music in Kentucky and its surrounding areas. Live reviews will attempt to capture the magic of the experience at concerts that is so hard to retain. News will be shared about who is playing at what venues, and what festivals are going on near you.

Live music has a funny way of getting people’s attention in ways that studio recordings just aren’t able to. That’s what Live From The Internet is all about. We want to share the coolest things happening on the road with all of you, help you relive our own concert experiences, and share online concert content for everyone to enjoy.

You can send stories, pictures, videos etc. from your own experiences to jonathan@livefromtheinternet.com. And please do. The best things will be collected and shared in one way or another so that we can always be apart of live experiences, even when our wallets can’t allow us to be.

Founder / Managing Editor: Jonathan Coffman. I’m 22 years old and will soon graduate from the University of Kentucky where I have studied journalism. Since the end of high school, live music has become one of my favorite things, and traveling to shows is now one of my biggest hobbies. I’ve attended several festival events over the years as well as all of Kentucky’s great live music venues. I enjoy lots of different music; each genre has its own perks at a live show. Quickly, a few of my favorite shows that I’ve seen live: Paul McCartney @ Bonnaroo, Jack White, Outkast @ Forecastle, Girl Talk, A$AP Rocky, St. Vincent, Action Bronson, and Ben Folds with the Louisville Orchestra. I never like narrowing down my favorites but this can give you a small sample. I’m excited to work with the people who love live music to cover everything going on in the Bluegrass state. Stick around!

Contact / Advertising: jonathan@livefromtheinternet.com

Enjoy the site and take it easy!

Enjoy the site and take it easy!


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