Welcome to Live From The Internet advertising! Venues and events around the Bluegrass and surrounding areas can take this opportunity with LFI to spread the word about events to our dedicated audience of live music enthusiasts. There are various monthly packages below to choose from.

LFI Social Media Promotion Package provides a daily reminder to LFI’s Facebook and Twitter followers about the event or festival being promoted. Tweets and messages can be changed throughout the course of the month as the client wishes. Any changes should be sent to and the new post will be updated as such for the remainder of the month, unless another change is requested.

LFI Home Promotion Package provides a pinned tab to the Live From The Internet homepage which presents information and media related to an event, as well as aggregating LFI’s published stories relating to the event. This allows LFI’s readers to be alerted about this event first thing when visiting the site. The client can update the information and details regarding the event throughout the course of the month as the client wishes. Any changes should be sent to

And finally, the recommended best value package,

LFI Full Circle Promotion Package provides the services of both the Social Media Promotion and LFI Home Promotion. This value package promotes your event to the entirety of Live From The Internet’s growing audience on a daily basis.

We look forward to building a relationship with our clients, and are excited to see these events grow over the next several months! If interested in any of our promotional packages, please let fill out the contact form below and we can get the word out right away!


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